Consular Card Registration

The Consular Card


The Consular Card is an identity document issued by the Embassy to Burkina Faso citizens registered in its jurisdiction. All Burkina Faso citizens are entitled to receive a Consular Card. To obtain a Consular Card, register with the Embassy upon presen tation of any document proving Burkinabe nationality (passport, identity card, etc.).

Upon presentation of the Consular Card, all Burkina Faso citizens are eligible for the half-fare for acts established at the Embassy. The Consular Card is valid for (5) years.

Requirements to obtain a Consular Card

  • One (1) request to the Ambassador
  • One (1) form to be completed and signed by the applicant
  • The justification of Burkina Faso nationality
  • Two (2) passport photos


  • A money order for $10
  • Made payable to the Embassy