Meet the Ambassador

Ambassador Seydou Kabore

I have more than 30 years of professional experience in the private and public sector: 13 years of results-based management, 10 years of banking practice, 3 months in the mining sector, 3 years in government and 4 years as Consultant. My expertise covers many areas: banking risk management, business management and human resources, project management, procurement contracts management, and public administration. I am currently forging connections in the US as Ambassador to strengthen business development in Burkina Faso.


French – fluent
English – professional working knowledge
Moré – native

Professional Experience

The Embassy of Burkina Faso in US, Washington, D.C.
December 2016 – Present
Ambassador extraordinary and plenipotentiary of Burkina Faso to the United States of America and Mexico

  • Maintaining and enhancing relations among  Burkina Faso and US administration, IMF/World Bank and business and trade representatives
  • Sustaining US/Burkina Faso security cooperation
  • Modernizing services for Burkinabe diaspora and visitors
  • Managing  embassy staff and cultivating a productive work environment

Freelance, Burkina Faso
October 2012- December 2016

  • Created the African Agency for Public Works and Energy in Africa (ATPEA), a public limited company with a capital of 183,000 USD, specializing in delegated transport, hydro-agricultural infrastructures, and energy sector projects management (2016)
  • Drafted prospective note: Strategy to implement the opening up of production zones and road accessibility in all seasons (February 2015)
  • Drafted prospective note: Youth employability in Burkina Faso: Situational analysis and perspectives (May 2015)
  • Created the ALUNET Sarl Company, a Small and Medium Entreprise (SME) specialized in the production of aluminium doors and windows (2013)
  • Managed the construction of a three storey business building in the commercial zone (ZAD II) of the capital city (2012-16)

Belahourou Mining Company (SMB-BF), Burkina Faso
July 2012 – September 2012
Manager of Human Resources and Head of Relations with Local Communities

  • Reclassified 620 local staff
  • Reorganized work sequences to revive production
  • Set up performance bonuses based on ore volumes extracted and gold produced
  • Formulated proposals to improve workers’ living conditions in mining communities
  • Improved the perception of mining activities with miners, local elected representatives and regional authorities in their respective regions

Ministry of Infrastructure and Road Network Development, Burkina Faso
Auguts 2008 –April 2011

  • Ensured road accessibility in all seasons
  • Guaranteed quality studies and their implementation
  • Adopted performance improvement tools in order to contribute to the projects’ efficient implementation
  • Organized the first International Road and Road Transport Show in Ouagadougou (SIRTRO) for the West Africa sub-region construction sector integration and its visibility

Agence Faso Baara (Agency for the execution of Public Works for Employment- AGETIPE)
 July 1995 – August 2008
General Manager

  • Mobilized resources with financial partners including: the Burkinabè government, AFD (France, KFW (Germany), Denmark, The Netherlands, Canada, the World Bank, the Islamic Development Bank (IDB), the West African Development Bank (BOAD), the Chamber of Commerce (CCI-BF)
  • Executed 290 million USD of projects
  • Reduced the operating/production cost from 13% to 4% against an acceptable bottom line of 5%, while raising the number of employees through objectives and results-based management techniques
  • Created an internal technical management software named ‘Gesproj’, developed by the Agency’s executives.
  • Built and equipped the Faso Baara headquarters in Ouagadougou
  • Conducted (annual) financial and (five-year) technical audits by international auditors
  • Forged business relationships with 627 companies and 112 consultancy firms
  • Established a 1 million USD million reserve  of the bank’s funds for contingencies against the unexpected
  • Launched the sub-regional 2000 boreholes program in agreement with the West African Economic and Monetary Union (UEMOA) in 2007
  • Conducted the organizational and financial audit of AGETIPE in Guinea Bissau (jointly with UEMOA), for the re-launch of its activities and its involvement in the UEMOA boreholes program

Bank for the Financing of Trade and Investments de Banques du Burkina Faso (SGBB)
November 1985 – July 1995
Senior Manager (April 1995 – July 1995)
Deputy Commercial Credit Manager (July 1992 – March 1995)
Corporate Customer Service Manager (November 1985 – June 1992)   

  • Created studies of the national economic environment
  • Assessed the risks relating to corporate and financing projects submitted by companies
  • Established trade and investment credits for customers
  • Established the protocol for assessing common guarantees relating to credits
  • Arranged debts recovery program
  • Raised capital from institutions and various customers
  • Advised on company creation (sectoral risks, capital raising, investments code, taxation, companies support structures, etc.)